African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe says he will not be taking any legal action at this stage against a Sunday newspaper.

The newspaper reported that he is accusing the department of Health, including a certain unnamed politician, of using him as a guinea pig in politicising the coronavirus pandemic.

Meshoe says the paper incorrectly reported what he had said, the move was to drive a message to black people that they could get COVID-19 contrary to the belief in some quarters that it was an Asian disease.

Meshoe says there is no politician who came to him with a strategy that would encourage black people to be cautious of the new virus.

He says he will get legal advice on the matter.

He says, “I just corrected it for that, but if I need to take further action, I will get advise. For now I thought if I just corrected it, I can leave it at that, unless if I am advised otherwise.”

“Let me talk to one of the lawyers and get their opinion. I just saw this person having broken their word, having told untruths about me and I thought if I corrected it in the media, that would suffice but if it’s as serious, then let me consult then I can talk later about it.”

“Some Coronavirus tests are faulty”

Meshoe also claims that some of South Africa’s coronavirus testing kits may be faulty.

He says his positive COVID-19 results may have been inaccurate and he is yet to be re-tested.

He says, “I think the South African government cannot say our tests kits are 100% they can’t say that. I don’t know any country that says the tests are 100%.”

“There could be some that are faulty that do not give correct results and there could those compromised or contaminated, it is possible.”

“So I said to settle this matter I will make time to go and re-test at a private clinic and there has never been pressure on me.

Meshoe tested for the fast-spreading virus after coming into contact with five international guests who tested positive for the coronavirus after a religious gathering in Bloemfontein in March.