Suicide the highest cause of death in adolescents

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The American Centre for disease Control recently published a document where it was found that suicide is the second highest cause of death in adolescents following road accidents.

Johan Le Roux, a Clinical Psychologist from the Department of Health in the Free State, says in 2017 matriculants are currently suffering from extreme levels of anxiety, especially this time of the year shortly before the release of the matric results.

Each year, many matriculants struggle to accept their results.

For those who had failed, the problem is getting serious for not only the matriculants but also for their families.

A bad outcome of the matric results can sometimes lead to young people committing suicide.

But, Le Roux says, there is assistance for those matriculants who feel they have ended up in a dead-end street.

Le Roux says a bad result should not be seen as the end of the world.

“The suicide rate is the second highest reason for death among adolescents and the same results also apply to South Africa. So this is extremely disconcerting. It shows how prone the young people are for depression and then also for suicide, which can be prevented, which can be managed.”

A matric pupil from Kagisho Secondary School outside Bloemfontein, Modiehi Dibe from the Kagisho settlement outside Bloemfontein, says she has mixed feelings about the coming results.

“I am happy and scared about the results because I know I studied enough but I am scared about what is going to happen after my results. The years were fun but it was difficult because sometimes I had to submit many assignments.”

The Class of 2018 will know their fate on Friday.