Steenhuizen encourages citizens to register to vote

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, John Steenhuizen has encouraged citizens to go out in numbers to register and double check their details on the voter’s roll.

Steenhuizen has raised concerns about challenges at voting stations after the new IEC system allocated his daughter to a voting station different from his.

Steenhuizen says this might be a challenge when people go to vote and they discover that they are no longer appearing on the voters roll where they had previously registered. He was visiting a voting station at Umhlanga.

“The requirement requires people to vote only at the voting station where they are registered and the address has to fall with that voting station district. The IEC will have deal with these things as they unfold and I suppose it’s things issue happened now rather than on election day. It’s done I’m very proud.”

Ashleigh Steenhuisen says she is excited that she will be part of the electorate that will go and exercise their right to vote.

“The DA’s new slogan is one plus one equals win so if everyone brings one more person to come vote the DA has an amazing chance to win.”

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