The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture will continue its hearings in Parktown, Johannesburg, on Tuesday morning, with testimony from former chairperson of the board of arms manufacturer Denel, Marties van Rensburg.

She is also a former shareholder of VR Laser Benny Jiyane.

On Monday the commission heard testimony from Khathatso Tlhakudi, the current Deputy Director-General at the Public Enterprises Department.

He said that the board members that former Public Enterprises minister Lynne Brown had appointed had neither the qualifications nor the skills to perform and this became a serious challenge for the department.

Tlhakudi also said Brown managed the department with an iron fist.

Tllhakudi told the commission that Denel had a healthy financial statement of R35 billion when Lyne Brown was appointed minister of public Enterprise in 2014.

Brown even complimented the company’s performance and staff.

However, things started to deteriorate when outgoing board members were replaced with incompetent ones who possessed neither critical knowledge, leadership abilities nor skills to run the organisation.

He said he felt helpless in the wake of the crisis at Denel as he and other officials were victimised or bullied out.

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