The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture continues on Wednesday with evidence relating to law enforcement agencies, former SARS executive Johan Van Loggerenberg will take the stand.

On Tuesday, the Commission dealt with the April 2013 Waterkloof landing of the Gupta plane, former Air Force employee Lieutenant-Colonel Christine Anderson, told the commission that it was not her job to question who the passengers were on the Airbus 330, which had received the necessary official clearance to land there.

Anderson says she believed her responsibility was to simply ensure that the flight had authorisation and the necessary documentation from the International Relations Department.

Anderson was placed on special leave for two years following the incident and has subsequently resigned.

She says that she was one of the officials who then Chief of State Protocol Bruce Koloane admitted to the commission when he testified in July last year to have put pressure on.

Anderson says, “With my discussions with Ambassador Koloane, he mentioned to me that our president is aware of this flight. Now when I was officer in charge of movements, I had five primary objectives to avoid an embarrassment to the president, the minister of defence, the head of the defence force and the chief of the airforce, but the way Ambassador Koloane constantly referred of the knowledge of the president of this flight, I did not feel in my position I could question or query this.”

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