‘Sound from fireworks at least 7 times louder for animals’

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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has called for a quiet Guy Fawkes night to protect pets and wildlife.

Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated on November 5.

SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham says the sound from fireworks is at least seven times louder for animals than for humans.

Abrahams pleaded with the public to not support the illegal use of fireworks.

She says animal’s natural response is to flee from loud noise.

“Following every Guy Fawkes, the SPCA will see an influx of stray animals, those that have fled in panic and just never been able to find their way back home again. We also see injuries like animals been knocked over on the roads, animals running through glass windowpanes, becoming hooked or impaled on palisade fencing. And this all as a result to escape the loud banging. Fireworks also impact on wild animals. So, please don’t support the use of illegal fireworks.”