SIU to investigate North West Public Works, Roads and Transport

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The Special Investigative Unit, SIU, has confirmed that President Jacob Zuma has signed a proclamation for the unit to investigate the North West Department of Public works, roads and transport and its senior officials, for corruption.

At least 150 companies are said to have been awarded tenders irregularly.

Other corrupt activities include the multi-million tenders for scholar transport and the Expanded Public Works Programme, EPWP.

SIU spokesperson, Nazreen Pandor says investigations will start this week.

“A proclamation was signed, allowing us to investigate affairs at the Public Works department.At this stage it would be difficult to quantify, but we are looking at more than 150 companies that are involved, and we are also looking at procurement of goods. We are also looking at payments made in relation to the EPWP, and as well as matters relating to conflict of interest. It’s quite an extensive investigation.”