The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) former Federal Council chairperson, James Selfe, has expressed disappointment at Herman Mashaba’s decision to resign as City of Johannesburg’s Mayor and as a member of the party.

Mashaba announced his resignation on Monday having voiced his concerns over the politics of the DA, accusing those who elected Helen Zille, as the new Chairperson of the party’s Federal Council, as being diametrically opposed to his belief and value systems.

“I am very disappointed that Herman stepped down as the Mayor, I think he was very talented and he managed to turn that city around in a remarkable way, but I think he is not a team player, he is not used to a political environment and sometimes not all the decisions go your way and we will have to soldier on without him,” Self explained, adding “I think the DA has gone through a period of introspection which was very good for it and I think we will emerge ultimately stronger.”

The mayor and self-made business mogul will vacate his post on the 27th of November.