The Port Elizabeth High Court again heard the testimony of sexual abuse allegedly at the hands of pastor Timothy Omotoso. This time, by the second witness called by the state in the trial of Omotoso and two others.

Lerato Msibi told the court how she was called to his room. Her testimony mirrored that of the first witness, Andisiwe Dike.

Msibi told the court that she joined the Jesus Dominion International Church because of the miracles Omotoso performed. She was homeless and suffered from a heart condition. She told the court how she was coerced to join the church.

Msibi had her first interaction with Omotoso at a hotel in Secunda after a crusade. Here, she saw how the young queued to greet him by kneeling between his legs while he is seated.

After an uneventful visit to his hotel room, he later invited her for a walk in the garden. After revealing her desire to be healed and getting a house, he told her not to worry as she now belongs to him.

The second time was at the mission house in Umhlanga, Durban. Like with the previous witness, Andisiwe Dike, it started with massaging his feet, then he would order her to lie down and sexually please himself. Thereafter he prayed for forgiveness.

SABC’s Anda Nqonji attends the proceedings in court… 

‘No consent’

Msibi felt confused. She said after every sexual encounter with Omotoso, she felt guilty and that she had sinned, but also that it was holy.

She never gave consent to Pastor Timothy Omotoso to sexually assault her. She said he was powerful and she did not dare to go against him. He also told her that she would die or become crippled if she does not do what he wants.

He allegedly said, if she does not please him, it means she does not please God. She was often called to his room for a so-called appointment.

She continued to stay in the mission house hoping she will get healing and a house. It never happened. She said everyday she thought it would happen.

She eventually did not return to the house and reported the happenings at the Secunda Police Station, where she was told to sort it out with the church, as they know women like her will withdraw the case.

After someone else laid charges, she was contacted by police. She also confessed to her congregation but was not believed. The congregants said he would never do such things.

The state concluded questioning Msibi. Defence lawyer Peter Dauberman indicated he will start proceedings on Thursday with objections before he commences cross-examination of the witness.