School safety a concern after Eastern Cape learner was beaten by another parent

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Safety in schools is still a concern in some parts of the Eastern Cape. Recently, a 14-year-old from a school in Mthatha was beaten allegedly by another parent inside school premises, who had accused the learner of theft.

His mother alleges that he sustained injuries and wants to drop out of school because he is scared. The victim’s mother says a case has been opened, however she fears her child will face further victimisation at the school.

“A parent went to school, beat him up and dragged him out of the school premises. The parent accused him of stealing a cellphone. He is injured and cannot go to school. He also does not want to go back to school. He says other learners will see him as a thief. I am troubled by this,” says the mother.

Spokesperson for Safety in the Eastern Cape Unathi Binqose has condemned the parent’s actions.

“The alleged conduct of a parent in this incident is completely unacceptable. It is appalling to say the least. On the issue of school safety, it means that we need to re-visit our security measures. We need to revisit our safety measures that are aimed at protecting learners and staff members at schools and we are intending to use this case as a catalyst to help us review that,” says Binqose.