The Save Our SABC coalition has called on stakeholders at the public broadcaster to regroup amid reports that two board members have resigned.

There has been suspicion that the resignations were a direct result of a meeting the Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams had with the board last week.

However there have also been suggestions that they might be linked to a tender under investigation.

Some observers are concerned that the ruling ANC is trying to reassert control over the new independent board of the SABC.

The ANC has strongly denied the allegations.

Save Our SABC spokesperson Duduetsang Makuse has called on all stakeholders to avoid another crisis at the public broadcaster.

She says: “We are concerned about the fact that there is a real possibility that there will be no SABC at all come February or March 2019. So all the discussions around retrenching, this plan and that plan will be irrelevant if there is no institution to protect except the building by February or March 2019. That is the biggest concern at this point.”

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