Satawu concerned about employees in CIT sector

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Transport union Satawu has expressed concern about the safety of its members employed in the cash-in-transit sector.

South Africa has seen a spike in the number of cash-in-transit (CIT) robberies recently.

According to Satawu, 22 of its members were killed and 120 other wounded during such robberies.

Security experts have warned that the robberies will intensify as the festive season draws nearer. Satawu’s Amanda Tshemese says companies in the CIT sector need to employ extra security measures to help curb these incidents.

“The workers are working at risk every day. The sad part is that we are likely to see more of these incidents, as we are approaching the festive season. The Fidelity and G4S management must stop blaming government for their incompetents.”

Spike in cash-in-transit heists: