SANCO says removing Zuma as chairperson due to no-show at meetings

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The South African National Civics Organisation (SANCO) Provincial Secretary, Sizwe Cele says former President Jacob Zuma was removed as chairperson of the body because he neglected his duties and violated the organisation’s constitution by failing to attend meetings.

He refuted claims that Zuma was removed because of his affiliation to the newly formed MK Party.

Cele says the KZN Provincial Executive Committee of SANCO deemed Zuma’s behaviour as misconduct and subsequently took a decision to remove him from the office of the provincial chairperson with immediate effect.

“What the leadership of SANCO did here was to apply the constitution of SANCO which is very clear that if you don’t attend at least three consecutive meetings of SANCO, you have then absconded from the position. So, that is very clear that SANCO cannot continue being leaderless forever because the former chairperson, since he was elected to the position, he had not attended even one meeting of SANCO.”