The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) says its employees that have been affected by irregular appointments have been served with letters to notify them of the public broadcaster’s intention.

On Tuesday the SABC is set to file an application in the Labour Court in Johannesburg to have the appointments declared unlawful, invalid and set aside.

The SABC’s head of legal services Advocate Ntuthuzelo Vanara says the affected employees will continue rendering their services at the corporation until the court has finalised the application.

“The reason we went to court is precisely not to take the law into our own hands. The application seeks to achieve two things. To have the appointments declared invalid and set aside, and to have a court order, ordering these affected employees to vacate their positions immediately.”

So far, 28 cases have been identified for the first phase of the process. The ongoing investigation might reveal further irregular appointments. All affected parties will be afforded an opportunity to oppose the application

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