Government intends to procure 30% of business from small, medium and micro enterprises.

The commitment was made at the 8th annual GRB world congress and exhibition held in Sandton on Tuesday.

Delegates from different parts of the African continent gathered to look at ways to enhance SMME development and help grow the economy.

The SMME sector is expected to create about 11 million jobs by 2030 in South Africa.

SMMEs contribution to GDP was 36% to 45% in 2016.

And South Africa is ranked number 47 out of 138 countries in the world when it comes to SMME development.

An entrepreneur, Ashantewaa Ngidi, has raised concerns about the incubator programmes that have been developed to enhance SMME development.

She says SMMEs do not want hand outs from the government but access to markets and opportunities.

Delegates have stressed that monitoring and evaluation should be prioritised to ensure that the targets set are met.

But it remains to be seen whether a central procurement process administered by the National Treasury will help deal with the issues of tender irregularities and corruption in the issuing of tenders.