Research exposes police brutality on sex workers

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Marginalised and stigmatised groups in societies such as sex workers, homeless people are at particular risk of human rights violations during policing and security operations.

This after the Sonke Gender Justice and Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat) commissioned research into police practices following high volumes of sex worker complaints.

Sex workers have come out that they have to pay bribes to the police and some also revealed that they face rapes and beatings from police officers.

The recent study has uncovered police brutality on sex workers.

Sweat representative, Nosipho Vidima says, “Yes it is very evident that nothing has changed between the police officers and how they treating the marginalised community. It’s not only sex workers, it is also people who use drugs, LGBTQI community and migrants, I think legislation was created in a way that, it does not protect people that are marginalised, people that this broader society will see as people living out of the norms.”

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