Regulation for alcohol consumption should be tightened: Mbalula

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Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula says regulations regarding alcohol consumption should be tightened to ensure that people do not drink and drive.

Mbalula visited families of the three deceased metro police officers who died in a head on collision on Sunday morning. Families of the deceased are devastated.

The three officers died when their vehicle collided head-on with a vehicle driven by a suspected drunk driver. Empty and full alcohol bottles were found in the suspect’s vehicle. The suspected drunken driver also died on the scene.

Mbalula says he’s lobbying government to introduce legislation that there should be zero percent alcohol in drivers’ blood when tested.

“This is now becoming what I call our daily bread. Unfortunately as government we’ve got to act and COVID or no COVID alcohol and drunken driving is part of South Africa’s problem and it’s part of my challenge together with the Minister of Police in the country. Myself as Minister of Transport responsible for public transport and regulations in the Republic, there must be zero alcohol in your blood going forward. No longer zero comma five and anything, the whole of the Republic agrees with that,” says Mbalula.

Unbanning of alcohol and tobacco sales:

Selelepoo Mashilo is a family member of one of the officers, 44-year-old Silas Phala, who died in that tragic accident. He says the family is devastated.

“We as the Phala, the Thobejane family are devastated. It’s painful and we don’t know what to do. He died at 02:00 in the morning under curfew conditions but he was working, ensuring people obey the law. We are hurt,” says Mashilo.

Meanwhile, the Tshwane Metro Police department has vowed not to tolerate drunk driving on the city’s roads.

Tshwane’s Metro Police Spokesperson, Isaac Mahamba, says they are going to intensify their alertness to any by-law violation.

“We are saying we will be tough. We are going to make sure that people follow COVID regulations. They should obey the curfew and again people that are visiting those places of entertainment, they should not drink and drive. We are going to have those roadblocks around the city. We are going to make sure that we visit those places of entertainment. People should comply. If they don’t comply definitely they will be arrested,” says Mahamba.

A memorial service for the deceased officers will be held later this week.