Refugees arrested for camping outside UNHCR offices in Pretoria

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Police have arrested numerous refugees that have been camping outside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) offices in Brooklyn Pretoria.

They have been outside the premises for over six weeks seeking to be relocated to another country out of fear of xenophobic attacks.

The High Court in Pretoria issued an order to have them removed after residents in the area complained about them being there.

Those arrested have been taken to the Brooklyn and other nearby police stations.

Women and children have been taken to the Pretoria Events Centre where they will be offered temporary shelter.

The police’s Brigadier Mathapelo Peters says: “Police are here in numbers, together with other law enforcement agencies to execute and enforce the law based on this case of arrest. The court order is a separate process that is running on its own. We’re just here purely on the basis of the case that was opened yesterday for trespassing.”