Chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has turned down former President Jacob Zuma’s application for his recusal.

Zondo says Zuma’s lawyers have failed to prove that their client will not get a fair hearing should Zondo not recuse himself from the Commission.

Zuma had alleged that the historical relations between himself and Zondo, the Commission’s selection of witnesses and the Deputy Chief Justice’s comments to earlier witnesses were reasonable grounds for him to recuse himself.

Zondo however disagreed.

“In the end, I conclude having had regard to all the points that have been raised by the applicant including the points relating to press statements and media conferences that he has mentioned in his affidavit. I conclude that the applicant has failed to meet the test for a reasonable apprehension of bias accordingly I conclude that the application for my recusal falls to be dismissed.”

Zondo dismisses Zuma’s application for recusal:

Zondo was due to deliver the decision on Wednesday afternoon but postponed it to Thursday morning.

On Tuesday, he said he was still going through the documents required to make a ruling.

On Monday, lawyers for Zuma as well as the Commission’s legal team made arguments for and against Zondo’s recusal.

Zuma’s lawyers alleged that their client had been treated unfairly by the commission, ignoring and ridiculing his earlier evidence and in the manner it selected witnesses and some statements made by Zondo.

Commission lawyers however rejected the claims, saying they did not pass the test of what constitutes bias and therefore Zondo should stay put.

Live proceedings of the State Capture Inquiry: 

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