Ramaphosa will not rubber stamp parly’s work on NHI Bill: Magwenya

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Presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya says that President Cyril Ramaphosa will not merely rubber stamp Parliament’s work on the National Health Insurance Bill.

The National Assembly has already passed the Bill and after the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) passes it, the Bill will go to the President for signing.

Addressing the media in Parliament yesterday, Magwenya said: “The passing of the Bill does not necessarily mark the end of the process. And the President does not each time he receives a Bill just sign it as a given. He has a constitutional duty to properly evaluate the process to look at the constitutional alignment of that Bill and if he so desires he can open another round of consultations.”

This week, Business for South Africa (B4SA) Steering Committee Chairperson Martin Kingston said the NHI Bill is being pushed through, side-lining the public inputs.

Below is Martin Kingston’s  full interview on SAfm’s Sunrise programme: