Ramaphosa to embark on a number of international trips to advance the country’s foreign policy

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November is set to be an incredibly busy month for President Cyril Ramaphosa. He’s expected to embark on a number of international trips as part of advancing the country’s foreign policy.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humankind. World leaders are expected to descend on the Egyptian sea resort of Sharm El Sheik to take part in Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP 27).

Climate change negotiations

Presidential spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya says South Africa is going to be represented by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the climate change negotiations.

Magwenya adds, “The President’s focus will be on securing maximum ambition in terms of climate change, honouring previous commitments and provision of enabling means support for development including South Africa, with COP27 in Africa. It presents an opportunity to advance priorities raise issue of mitigation, adaptation and support to developing countries.”

Recently, when President Ramaphosa hosted Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez Perez Castejon he touched on the importance of the climate change talks.

Inclusion of vulnerable communities

“Yes, there’s an offer put on the table and as we raise the issue of financing, we are also raising adequacy of financing and its composition. So, we will discuss in a positive manner to see if we can navigate our way to just transition and not leave anyone behind, especially the vulnerable communities,” says Ramaphosa.


Kenyan President, William Ruto has also weighed in on the harsh realities facing the world due to climate change.

“We can have in a robust manner, honest conversation and discuss the effects of climate change-looking at drought, famine, the loss of wildlife, loss of life caused by the ravages of climate change and have a candid discussion on loss and damage and how can the multilateral institutions work with us on financing,” adds Ruto.

President Ramaphosa will then head to Nairobi to engage with the Kenyan president.

Magwenya says Kenya remains South Africa’s key partner in East Africa.

“The visit will include a business forum on trade and investment between Kenya and South Africa. According to the World Bank, Kenya is East Africa’s largest economy with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that stands at $110 billion as of 2021. And South Africa’s largest trading partner outside of Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.” says Magwenya.

Meanwhile, the focus will be in Indonesia where the G20 Summit will take place later this month. All eyes will be on world leaders like US President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping as the world has seen a heated debate about fast changing global balance of forces and its impact on world peace.