Ramaphosa launches R1 billion housing project in Kimberley

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says public and private sector funding of big infrastructure projects will help shrink the housing backlog in the country. Ramaphosa launched the R1 billion housing project in Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

At least 18 000 stands have been serviced as part of the project and more than 4 000 houses are expected to be built as part of the first phase. It’s the biggest housing project in the Northern Cape.

“It will help people without homes…also people to get work,” says Tumelo Dichaba, Kimberley resident.

“A home is a place of your own, where you feel safe,” says Linda Thuys, another Kimberley resident.

The Northern Cape has more than 160 informal settlements. The housing project and more of its kind is expected to shrink them.

“This is years of work, thousands of stands and will give people dignity,” says Northern Cape Premier Dr Zamani Saul.

The mixed funded infrastructure project is being piloted in the Northern and Eastern Cape to help reignite stalled projects.

“The partnership will assist with huge infrastructure projects…it’s the future,” says Ramaphosa.

Local contractors will be prioritized and thousands of local jobs are expected to be created.

The Northern Cape government says measures have been put in place and the project will be closely monitored to make sure money does not disappear.

Video: Ramaphosa launches R1bn housing project in Kimberley