Ramaphosa calls for ethical leadership amongst young people

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for ethical leadership amongst young people in the African continent.

Ramaphosa says young people must continue with the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela and other African leaders.

He was speaking at the first Nelson Mandela Youth dialogue with young African leaders at the Walter Sisulu University’s Zamukulungisa campus in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

The dialogue is aimed at tackling socio-economic issues across the continent.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s panel discussion at the Nelson Mandela Youth Dialogue

Delegates from about 20 countries, as well as the business sector, labour and civil society are taking part in the discussion.

Ramaphosa says Africa must come together to improve the continent.

“It is the time when ethical leadership should come to the fore to lead this continent forward. It should be about raising our consciousness to the endless possibility that your idea and experience of being African carry. It should be about us, taking advantage of the vast golden opportunities available in the program of rebuilding our country and more humane, and just world cannot blossom without an African renaissance,” says Ramphosa.

Day 2 of the four-day Inaugural Nelson Mandela Youth Dialogue has kicked off at the Walter Sisulu University’s Zamukulungisa campus at Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

The dialogue addresses social ills faced by young people in different continents.

The youth from 20 countries has converged to engage in this dialogue.

Yvonne Mpambowa from Uganda says women representation is a great challenge in her country.

“One of our biggest challenges is representation for their voices, for their uniqueness and generally, for their lives. You find Ugandan women living their dull potential, but you find that when it comes to representation, economic, political and social, you find that the margins of representation are very small.”

Mpambowa says the many social ills including health challenged and unemployed in Uganda are due to gender imbalance that lack women.