Public urged to seek urgent help for listeriosis

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The Eastern Cape Health Department has urged all those who experience symptoms of listeriosis to seek urgent medical help.

Symptoms include severe headache and an unusual flu.

Provincial Health Spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo says a total of 26 listeriosis cases have been reported in the province.

Six of them, including one death, were reported in the Nelson Mandela Metro.

Kupelo says, “We urge communities to take extra precaution to prevent being infected by this condition. Ensure that all the time before consuming food, hand wash is always practiced and ensure that before cooking the kitchen is properly prepared and ensure that fruit and veggies are washed before being utilised or before being consumed.”

Meanwhile, the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa says food at major retailers in South Africa is safe for consumption.

The company represents the retail sector and food manufactures in the country.

While the source of listeriosis remains unknown the council has assured South Africans that a stringent system to clear any dangers is followed before food can hit the shelves.

Matlou Setati from Food Safety Initiative at the Council says, “So basically we can assure the consumers that we endeavour to follow strict food safety and management systems to fully contain any other micro-organisms…we try to make sure that we clear out any dangers.”

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