Prasa Legal Risk Executive to testify at the Zondo Commission on Monday

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Passenger Rail Agency (Prasa) Legal Risk Executive, Martha Ngoye is expected on Monday to continue outlining the situation at Prasa before the state capture commission in Johannesburg.

Last week the commission heard evidence from Prasa’s former board chair Popo Molefe.

He told the commission he was left shaken and concerned when former president Jacob Zuma met with him to try and reverse the Prasa board’s decision to accept former CEO Lucky Montana’s resignation.

On this video , Popo Molefe implicates Lucky Montana:

He also explained how broken Prasa was after an audit by the Auditor General’s Office found irregular expenditure worth more than R500 million.

“I challenged the president to come and challenge the board of control at Prasa. What was quite apparent in that meeting and was of great concern was that the former head of the state which are the custodians of all the governing bodies including the constitution was now directly attempting to interfere with matters of the board of directors of Prasa , that was really of great concern.”

Molefe said he was worried that protocol was ignored.

He said Zuma dismissed his concerns and became irate at the meeting telling him that he (Zuma) could meet anyone he wanted to without following protocol.

On this video, Popo Molefe testifies about former President, Jacob Zuma:

“At that time, I didn’t realise anything related to the request and I thought the former president says he will come and meet me, but the subsequent events put one in the position of connecting the dots, because the meeting came shortly after my meeting with Montana where he had a lot of complaints.”




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