Police, security companies to curb cash in transit robberies

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National Police Commissioner Khehla Sitole says police will work closely with security companies involved in cash deliveries in an attempt to deal with the on-going cash in transit robberies that have engulfed the country.

About 140 cash in transit robberies have been reported since the beginning of the year.

Sitole says over 200 high powered police vehicles have been purchased to deal specifically with hijackings and cash in transit incidents.

He also told the media in Pretoria that a special police unit will look into the issue of illegal firearms exchanging hands within communities.

“We’ve built the covert which forms part of an unconventional police approach where we deal with illegal guns because we want to track them and where they come from. Then we have a special dedicated intelligence that informs special operations in dealing with illegal guns. But this particular operation has got a special focus on the availability of guns because we have a clue these guns are in murders, hijackings and all these kind of fears are actually executed through the guns. So our main focus will be to take and disarm the criminals.”

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