Four men arrested following disruption of pro-Israel prayer session

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Police in Cape Town have confirmed the arrest and detention of four adult males on charges of public violence following the disruption of a prayer gathering in support of Israel on the Sea Point Promenade this afternoon.

Police spokesperson, FC Van Wyk, says this happened as members of the police took action using stun grenades and a water canon when disgruntled protesters disobeyed an instruction by the police to disperse.

The men are expected to appear at the Cape Town Magistrate’s court once charged.

Hundreds gather in Cape Town in protest calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip:

Violence condemned

The City of Cape Town has condemned the violent disruption of a planned prayer gathering in support of Israel earlier today. Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, says the action deserves to be condemned by all Capetonians who value free expression in an open democracy.

As a result, a prayer meeting in support of Israel by Christian groups, had to be cancelled. Hill-Lewis says every person or group, of every belief and persuation, has the right to protest peacefully in South Africa.

“In the same way the tens of thousands of residents gathered yesterday to protest peacefully, so the planned protest today should have been respected and allowed to proceed peacefully and without interference. It is the job of the South African Police and law enforcement agencies to protect that right, and responsibility of every citizen to respect it. Public Order Policing is under the authority of the South African Police Services and they are in command when public disorder incidents take place.”