The Port Elizabeth Museum at Bayworld has been criticised for the dismal quality of the once-proud institution.

The walls of the tourist site are crumbling and the building has deteriorated over the years.

Bayworld Oceanarium once boasted sharks and dolphins and fantastic live shows but these have been put on the back burner.

Several animals that attracted large crowds have now dwindled.


Built in the 1950s, the Bayworld Oceanarium now stands in rack and ruins. The dolphin show was once the biggest attraction, but in 2009 dolphins, Domino and Dumisa were shipped off to an ocean park in Hong Kong.

This was due to unrepairable pools. Senior Curator, Dylan Bailey says in recent years, divers had to swim to repair cracks at least twice a week.

“It was costing us enormous amount of money to try and repair the pool. The pool was built back in 1968. Its had several refurbishments since that time but it was becoming progressively worse and more difficult to repair and maintain. So we had to make the very difficult decision to send our animals overseas.”

However, the parts of Bayworld that are open to the public are still thriving including the snake park, reptile corner, seal and penguin pool. Kids and families were very excited to see the different exhibitions…

“My favourite part is the dinosaurs. I love it,” says a member of the public.

“I’m having so much fun but I wish I could see the dolphins,” says another member of the public.

“It’s a great event. I’m so glad I brought my entire family out here,” adds another member of the public.