Members of Parliament’s Public Enterprises Portfolio Committee will on Wednesday continue to cross-examine Acting Eskom Chair, Zethembe Khoza.

The Parliamentary inquiry is looking into corporate governance at the power utility.

On Tuesday, the committee dismissed suspended Eskom CFO Anoj Singh with a warning that he should appear when subpoenaed again in 2018.

On Monday night Singh sent a 400-page document to the committee, meaning members didn’t have enough time to read through it.

Khoza was asked about his role in the suspension of top Eskom executives during Zola Tsotsi’s chairmanship of the Board.

“This is what you say stepping aside of the executives was for a period of three months only after which it was understood that they will come back in view of the fact that there were no findings of wrongdoing against them as yet. Exactly that was extracted from the minutes because when they were put aide, the only communication that was communicated to them was that there was nothing wrong with them and they were just set aside until the investigation goes through. But behind the scenes he has given us the charges, but this was what was communicated and documented in the minutes.”