The National Assembly has passed a resolution for suspended Secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana to be summarily dismissed.

The resolution was passed without any objection. This comes after an independent disciplinary panel found Mgidlana guilty on seven serious misconduct charges and recommended his dismissal.

Mgidlana was charged with 13 counts of serious misconduct, but was found guilty on only seven of them.

Some of the guilty charges include accepting an ex-gratia payment for himself and recommending to the executive authority that certain employees get such payment.

He was also found guilty of allowing his spouse to travel with him at the expense of Parliament and chairing a special bid adjudication committee.

He was further found guilty of violating the corporate credit card policy and appointing a chief information officer who did not meet the requirements for the position.

The last two charges include abusing the parliamentary protection driving function to provide driving services to his spouse and a relative as well as failing to stop the parliamentary protection services from using blue lights and sirens when providing him with services.