Paramedics continue to fall victims of criminals in SA

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A high-number of paramedics in the country continues to fall victim to some of the criminal elements as they respond to the call of duty to help community members in distress.

Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State and Gauteng are some of the provinces that have experienced abuse, robbery and assault on its medical emergency personnel from the community they serve.

Free State, Emergency Medical Manager Sipho Towa, says despite the attacks on their personnel they are ready to serve the members of the public.

“In this helicopter, we either have an advance life supporter or a doctor. So, when it flies out it does that with the highest qualified personnel that you can get. And the importance of it as well, it’s available 24/7. It’s not only available during the day; it’s available during the night as well.”

“So, at times you find there’s medication that is to be taken with or maybe a blood unit. So, they quickly rush to the trauma unit because it’s just across here and they take unit to the patient.”