PAC renews call to rename 21 March Sharpville-Langa Massacre Day

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The leader of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), Mzwanele Nyhontso, has again called for 21 March to be officially renamed Sharpville-Langa Massacre Day.

Nyhontso made these remarks as his party led a commemoration for the victims of the Sharpville Massacre.

Other political parties who also had their programmes in the same vicinity also paid tribute to those who lost their lives in 1960.

The PAC, which spearheaded a nationwide campaign to abolish the Pass laws, 64 years ago, said it must be renamed as the Sharpville-Langa Massacre Day.

Other parties who commemorated the day alongside the PAC lambasted the government for failing to recognise the day. Others said that 30 years into democracy, government has done little to nothing to change the lives of people 30 years into democracy.

Action SA leader, Herman Mashaba explained, “30 years after we fought for our democracy and the people of South Africa are still suffering.”

ACT leader, Ace Magashule said, “The ruling party doesn’t want to recognize this day. They don’t want to recognize the PAC and the giant of Africa, Robert Sobukwe. You can see what they do on the 21 March when their president comes in they fix the road.”

Meanwhile, Bosa leader Mmusi Maimane added, “We stand here today across multiple parties and say the blood, the blood that was spilled here shall never be forgotten as the outgoing president wants to expropriate it for themselves, we need change.”

Azapo President, Nelvis Qekema stressed that, “Today Sobukwe was mocked again. Today Sobukwe was murdered again. Can you imagine that Sobukwe wanted to come here again and look at himself and see himself and listen to himself, only to find that Sobukwe was locked out in his own place.”

Meanwhile, on the far end of the Dhlomo Dam, the EFF held their event. “It wasn’t the ANC government that freed the people of South Africa but the people of South Africa themselves. We too have also long called for the 21st to be called the Sharpville-Langa Day.”

Nyhontso labelled Narious Moloto as a sellout. This comes after Moloto released a letter saying that his faction will participate in these elections under the banner of Al-Jama-ah.

Nyhontso has hit back saying Moloto is no longer a member of the PAC.

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