Institute slams lack of political will to affirm human rights

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The South African Language Development Institute has stated that there is a deficiency in political will to affirm the human rights of natives, particularly evident as the country observed Human Rights Day yesterday.

According to the Institute, the government’s commitment to enhancing linguistic rights is crucial in ensuring equality and human rights for marginalised natives in society.

Dr. Makhosi Khoza, President of the Bantu Languages Development Institute, emphasised the need for more efforts to develop and elevate Bantu languages.

Khoza says, “The constitution Chapter One, Section 6 clearly states that the state must address the diminished status of these Bantu languages, but for the last 30 years that has not been done. Instead what we have seen is the annihilation of Bantu languages, even children as young as seven years old – I mean the schools are imposing English on them and as a consequence of that, that is why we end up with the International Literacy report that says 81% of our learners cannot read for meaning.”