‘Government failed to uphold and fulfill the values of the Constitution’

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Speakers attending the National Conference that is reflecting on the 25 years of the South African Constitution say government has failed to govern in a manner that upholds and fulfills the values and the vision of the Constitution.

They point to the current challenges of inequality, high rates of crime and unemployment, poor services delivery of water and electricity.

The three-day conference is being held at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, north of Johannesburg.

Chairperson of the Constitution Hill Trust, Valli Moosa, who was part of the process of drafting the country’s Constitution, says when you have students who obtain university degrees but there are no job opportunities, it robs them off their dignity.

He says the current system of government is not fulfilling the vision of the Constitution by not doing enough to reduce inequality in the country.

National Lotteries Commission Chairperson, Barney Pityana says South Africans are cynical about the Constitution, as it no longer realise what it promises.

He says there is a need for a Transformative Constitution that can address the bread and butter issues facing citizens.

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