The Pan African Congress (PAC) took its election campaign to the rural areas of Ngcanasini outside Mqanduli, Eastern Cape, to urge rural voters to vote for their party. The party says, should the PAC come to power, rural areas will be transformed to places of wealth as land will be properly used.

The PAC says it will improve on its current standing in the 2019 elections. The party believes they are the solution for rural communities.

PAC deputy president, Mzwanele Nyontsho, says “People in rural areas need to get this land so that they can cultivate it. The land is very important to rural people. It is their source of richness. This what the PAC will do for them; to make sure that they give the land back to the people.”

The party went door to door in Ngcanasini, the rural village of its premier candidate. The village lacks basic services. There’s no running water and many depend on subsistence farming.

PAC EC Chairperson, Sandla Goqwana, says that he does not understand why places such as Port St Johns cannot be assisted to boost farming.

“I don’t understand why places like Port St Johns cannot be assisted to boost their farming. Port St Johns can be like Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. Fruit in the Eastern Cape grows on the streets and forests; it just needs government that cares to develop it to create billions from it.”

The party attracted support.

“We love the PAC and we will vote for it. Our roads are bad. It is the only party that is going to change our lives,” says a resident.

The PAC encouraged all eligible voters to come out and vote in large numbers on election day.