The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) says it will not tolerate any outside forces to continue to distort the party’s message of a united South Africa.

The party has held its first NEC meeting since the Kimberley elective conference late in 2018. Newly elected President, Mzwanele Nyontso says it’s more than ready for 2019 national and provincial elections.

The PAC is adamant it will emerge victorious in the upcoming elections. It is focusing mainly on land redistribution and says it won’t be deterred by external forces.

PAC President Mwanele Nyontso says:”If anyone is claiming to be PAC outside this one is not the PAC and you must know this time we are drawing the line.”

The PAC says there is nothing that will hinder it from participating in the upcoming polls.

It has already informed the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of its new leadership.

PAC Secretary-General Apa Pooe says:”The IEC has been notified of the new leadership and they’ve acknowledged and accepted that they’ve received such a notice including the new outcome and all the names of the office bearers.”

With all these developments within the PAC, Narius Moloto is adamant he is the legitimate leader.

He describes the faction led by Nyontso as illegitimate because the leadership under him was expelled from the PAC.