OUTA calls for probe amid corruption claims at INSETA

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The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has called on businesses that sit on the boards of different Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) to investigate irregularities in these organisations and hold officials who are implicated accountable.

This follows a complaint by the Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences that 700 of its students who’ve completed their courses have not been officially certified by the Insurance SETA (INSETA).

The institution alleged that the INSETA had knowledge of ghost learners who have reportedly been awarded fake certificates.

CEO of OUTA, Wayne Duvenage elaborates. “And then when you start hearing about ghost learners, now the organisation has to take these allegations and this information that they get very very seriously. And doesn’t seem to be the case, which then starts to open the door for what is the real agenda that’s taking place.”

“And the more we dig, the more we engage with whistle blowers, the more we see that there is corruption taking place in INSETA. That is what our allegation is, and we are going to be following through with that. And we are going to be taking stringent action where its necessary, and write the reports and then send them up to where they should go,” says Duvenage.

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