Defence lawyer Advocate, Peter Daubermann has told first witness, Cheryl Zondi that she has fabricated her testimony, as certain details do not match with the verbal and written testimony she gave to the police in 2017.

This as the trial of Nigerian pastor Timothy Omotoso continues in the Port Elizabeth High Court in the Eastern Cape.

Zondi told the court that she did not want to remember some of the details from her alleged rape incidents when she first spoke to the Hawks as she was not strong enough to deal with the trauma.

The presiding Judge has continued to highlight unfair questions posed by the defence.

Earlier, the Judge presiding over the trial of Nigerian pastor did not allow graphic questions asked by Defence Advocate Daubermann to the witness saying they were unfair to her.

Zondi is the first witness to testify in the trial which is underway.

During cross examination, Zondi told the court that she never resisted when Omotoso allegedly sexually assaulted her because he told her she would experience the wrath of God if she refused.

Meanwhile, Omotoso’s supporters are still outside court singing church songs.

Watch part of the cross-examination