Minister of Transport, Blade Nzimande, will officially launch the 2019 Easter Road Safety Campaign on Monday.

This event is taking place at a Media and Stakeholder Breakfast held at the Golden Horse Hotel in Pietermaritzburg.

Speaking on SAfm Sunrise, Minister Nzimande says the focus of the campaign is alcohol abuse as it still remains a big factor in road crashes.

He says what is interesting about this campaign, is the launch of the Evidential Breathalyser machine.

A person will blow two or three times into the machine and the lowest level is taken as the official result.

He says: “Because this is an instant result, it means a person can be charged and sentenced immediately. We will no longer have to wait for laboratory results which can take up to six months.”

Nzimande also says work is being done to classify drunken driving as a more serious offence.

This involves re-classifying drunk driving as a higher schedule offence in terms of the Criminal Procedures Act.

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