Eastern Cape Liquor Board fights underage drinking

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Ten schools in the Alfred Nzo district are being targeted by the  Eastern Cape Liquor Board after noticing an increase in alcohol abuse.

This is an intervention as part of the Ambassadorship programme to empower learners to educate others about the dangers of underage drinking.

Eastern Cape Liquor Board spokesperson, Mgwebi Msiya says statistics of underage drinking in the province are alarming.

“The rate of alcohol consumption among school going kids is quite high, about 47 % reported to have consumed alcohol. That data is collaborated by the reports we received when we visit schools, from the school principals and so on. The problems that they encounter on daily basis of learners that come to school drunk, that is why we are embarking in this programmes of trying to intensify education within schools to ensure that they are informed about dangers of underage drinking.”

Meanwhile, learners who are ambassadors of tackling underage drinking say teenagers must stay away from alcohol.

“Us as teenagers we should not consume alcohol because we end up being violent and not concentrate , because when we use alcohol the violence can actually harm other children because you are not thinking, ” says one ambassador.

“My message to little children who are still studying is that , you must say no to your parents when they send you to buy alcohol because , you see this thing and you think it is a nice thing,” adds another ambassador.