The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) says it is working on an operational plan that will be followed by the two feuding Soweto taxi associations, WATA and NANDUWE, that will ensure the end to taxi violence in the area.

This is an attempt to try and persuade Gauteng Roads and Transport MEC Ismail Vadi to lift the closure of their ranks and routes.

This is the second week that the closure has been in place and will continue until June.

The NTA, which represents both taxi associations, says the plan aims to bring to an end the turf wars that’s claimed the lives of three people and injured a number of people including commuters since January 2019.

NTA spokesperson Theo Malele is optimistic,”We have made some progress, although not sufficiently. We are still trying to get one party to agree on the operational plan. Once that has been done, we will then engage authorities on the way forward. We anticipate by midweek latest there should be some progress.”

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