[GRAPHIC CONTENT] Northern Cape woman invents Rape-Axe condom

Box of condoms
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A woman from the Northern Cape has invented an anti-rape condom – Rape Axe – which has been in the making for three years and has now been completed.

The invention, which needs funding, comes after police statistics released in November 2023 showed over 4 000 incidents of rape between July and September last year.

The inventor of Rape Axe, Sonnet Bryant, says, “What I did was I went to various gynaecologists to find out and explain the process to them, and of course they looked at it and said to me – This is what I need to do to make it comfortable and that it is safe for women – even if you’ve got it in your vagina, the hooks cannot harm you or hurt you in any way, and you could wear it for up to twelve hours.”

Some women in Hartswater in the Northern Cape say they heard about the anti-rape condom and believe it is a brilliant idea that will help a lot of women in the country.

“I actually think this is a very great product because most of our women get raped and the cases are not being reported.”

I am actually glad that the product is there and there was someone who could actually think about it because, at the end of the day, it’s us women who are suffering and we are not getting that much help from our government.”

“As a volunteer, I work a lot with rape victims, and it breaks my heart, but not only for me but for the whole community when someone gets raped.

GRAPHIC CONTENT | N Cape woman invents anti-rape condom: