Northern Cape learners take 33rd position at international robotics competition

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Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul rolled out a red carpet for learners from Carnarvon High School who represented South Africa at an international robotics competition at Marrakech in Morocco.  The group of seven secured the 33rd spot out of 66 teams that were competing from 50 countries.

Each learner was given a cheque of R10 000. The two teachers who are at the helm of the project also received a token of appreciation.

Despite returning home empty handed the group says the experience is definitely bigger than the disappointment of not winning.

“The competition was very nice, I got to learn from other countries. I ate some of their food, it was very nice,” says one of the learners.

Another learner says, “The competition experience for me was fine because it was great being in another country, but also very stressful of competing against these other teams that are stronger and smarter than us.”

Saul says Carnarvon High School is one of the 100 schools across the province that currently offers robotics and coding. These include fifteen primary schools.

“We are making major strides with regards to ensuring that we introduce robotics and coding to children at a very early age. So, that they can grow up and be part and parcel of this fourth industrial revolution.”