North West police are investigating two cases of assault against security personnel in the provincial legislature. This after two EFF members were thrown out of the legislature during Friday’s State of the Province Address (SOPA) for interrupting Premier, Job Mokgoro’s speech.

One of the EFF members allegedly had to receive medical attention after he was physically removed by five security guards.

In the video below, North West Legislature Speaker explains decision to kick EFF members out of Parliament: 

EFF Provincial Secretary, Papiki Babuile, says his party is calling for the immediate suspension of the guards.

“We have already communicated to the legislature and informed them that those who have alleged to assaulted members of the EFF and members of the legislature, must be, with immediate effect, suspended pending the investigations into the matter. Secondly, we will be consulting with our lawyers in making sure that there is a recourse with regards to the damages that has happened to those members who are affected.”