North West govt urges owners to vaccinate pets ahead of World Rabies Day

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As tomorrow marks World Rabies Day, the North West Agriculture Department has called on pet owners to vaccinate their cats and dogs.

The department says it has now embarked on an extensive rabies public awareness and vaccination campaign across all four districts of the province.

Rabies is a preventable zoonotic viral disease, which is found in domestic and wild animals, and occasionally in humans.

It is transmitted from animals to humans or other animals through bites by infected animals. The rabies virus is found in the saliva of an infected animal.

A human can be infected through broken skin or mucous membranes coming into contact with the infected animal.

MEC for the Department of Agriculture Desbo Mohono, says it is the responsibility of each pet owner to ensure that they observe this legal requirement, especially since the vaccination is done at a free cost.

Last year, cases of rabies in Eastern Cape were sending alarm bells, with vaccination drives against the deadly disease being pushed.

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-Report by Masedi Motlangwane