Road safety non-governmental organisation, South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SAADD), says while they are appalled at the increase in road fatalities over the Easter season, they are not surprised.

The number of vehicles involved in fatal crashes over the extended Easter period this year rose to 430 compared to 349 the previous year, an increase of 14%.

SAADD spokesperson Caro Smit says government now needs to adopt an evidence-based approach when it comes to clamping down on irresponsible road users.

“Our department of transport, although they are trying very hard they are not using evidence-based practices to bring down these numbers,” says Smit.

“They’d rather appeal to people to get them to change their behaviour and behaviour will not just change.”

Smit adds: “What really works is to use what works in the world – like making sure every single person is buckled up, making sure people don’t go over the speed limit, removing un-roadworthy vehicles. We are not doing that.”