Newly elected ANC North West leader calls for an end to divisions in the party

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The newly elected African National Congress(ANC) Provincial Chairperson in the North West, Nono Maloyi, says the outcome of the 9th ANC North West Provincial Conference, must bring hope and faith within the ANC structures in the ANC led government. Maloyi was speaking during his inaugural address in Rustenburg. He called on party members to be optimistic about unity within the party.

The second leg of the provincial conference just like the first leg, was also delayed. This was to due to the late arrival of delegates and registration which moved at a snail pace. However, after the commencement of the conference, delegates went straight into the business of conference. The election of the 30 additional members serving on the provincial executive committee, was among issues dealt with.

Six-hundred and twelve delegates cast their votes. Twenty-one women were elected, while nine men made it to the additional members.

Some of the delegates were elated after casting their votes.

“I am obviously very excited to be part of this process by virtue of us at least finally after four years having an opportunity to can converge into this arena and be able to discuss a type of leadership that we want and be able to put forth these people that we think they can provide leadership to the province.”

During his inaugural address, ANC provincial chairperson, Nono Maloyi, appealed to delegates to ensure that divisions within the party become a thing of the past.

”The outcome of this conference must guarantee hope and faith in the structures of the African National Congress in the ANC led government. We must be optimistic all of us comrades that ill-discipline, factionalism, corruption, infighting, disruptions, gangsters, lies, hatred, greed, selfishness, political jealousy discussing internal organisation matters in public platforms will be buried after this conference”, says Maloyi.

Closing the conference, ANC Treasurer General, Paul Mashatile, also called on the newly elected provincial leadership to forge unity within the party.

“We emerge out of this conference not only with a new leadership, but also with a renewed resolved to unite a revived ANC. As we leave this conference continue to stretch your hand of friendship to even those who differed with you. Go out comrade Nono and the team, unite and renew our movement. Go build the ANC that will be a tool in the hands of our people to be their own liberators and to build themselves a better life”, says Mashatile.

Mashatile has also raised his hope that the North West is in the good hands, with the leadership led by the newly elected chairperson, Nono Maloyi.

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