After a two hour long rescue operation, a newborn baby girl has been rescued from a storm water drain in Newlands East, Durban.

The baby is alive and currently receiving medical attention.

She was removed from the storm water drain on a residential property.

The infant, who came out trembling, was safely rescued by paramedics from Kwazulu-Natal Emergency Medical Services, the Fire Department and Rescue Care paramedics.

Dozens of residents from the area gathered to see the rescue unfold and cheered as they saw the baby emerge from the drain alive.

Rescue Care spokesperson Garrith Jamieson says members of the public were walking pass the drain when they heard the cries of the infant. Jamieson says, at this stage it is unclear how the baby ended up in the drain.

Durban paramedics have praised the rescue efforts of emergency teams and community members who responded swiftly to the infants cries.

KwaZulu-Natal Emergency Medical Services spokesperson Robert McKenzie says the baby had been washed several metres down the pipe when teams found her.

But McKenzie says she has been rushed to hospital in a stable condition.

β€œThe great news is this little baby girl has been rescued from the drain pipe. She had been washed about five or six metres further down the drain pipe which is about 30cm in diameter. The KZN EMS helicopter has airlifted the little girl to hospital. She’s currently in a stable condition so it’s good news for the ending of this rescue today (Monday). We’d like to congratulate all the rescuers and personnel and paramedics who worked together. Also the community was very helpful and supportive which we are grateful for.”

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