A number of new political parties that have signed the Electoral Code of Conduct ahead of the May elections have vowed to bring change to South Africa. The 48 parties, which will be contesting the national elections, signed the code of conduct in Midrand.

President of the Women Forward, Nana Ngobese, says her all-female party will deal with the problems that women face in the country.

“Women have enough problems for them to start realising that if they don’t take the bull by the horns, it’s going to be very difficult in the long haul for their problems to be resolved. As we speak right now, all our candidate lists have women in them and it’s women who are going to be leading. It’s women who are going to make the decisions with the communities – not on behalf of – with the communities where they actually leave.”

Leader of Economic Emancipation Forum, BJ Langa says his party will focus on restoring order in Parliament and society.

“We have a GPA 2100. It’s a plan which is centenary that will speak in regards to the things that the people of SA are actually undergoing. Our pre-requisite there, we are derivative from the very Great Book that will give us this results. If there’s order in the Parliament, we will have order in the schools; we will have order even in families.”

The African Security Congress will be the first party listed on the ballot paper for the May 8th polls. President of the party is Tebong Motloung.

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Meanwhile, signing the electoral code of conduct earlier ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa  said the ANC reaffirms its commitment to the democratic process so hard fought for……

“We are bound as we are gathered here by responsibility that the will of the people truly prevails. By upending our signature to the Electoral Code of Conduct. We, as the ANC, are affirming the commitment that we made in Kliptown in 1955 and signalling our resolve to work with all parties to build a strong, dynamic and durable democracy in SA.”

DA leader Mmusi Maimane says the May 8th general elections will be crucial in defining the future of South Africa.

Maimane says they will also abide by the rules as these elections will help to rid South Africa of the many challenges it is facing.