A monument honouring the martyred Manche Masemola has been unveiled in Limpopo.

Masemola a 14 year-old was stoned to death in 1928 by her parents.

That’s after she sought to become a Christian – against the family’s wishes.

Religious differences led to Masemola’s untimely death.

She wanted to join the Anglican Church which has established a mission in Sekhukhune.

But her parents feared she would leave them.On the 4th of February 1928, before she was baptised, her parents brought her to a remote spot and killed and her.

Within a decade the church declared her a martyr. Now the Limpopo government has revamped the site. A new monument was unveiled.

MEC Onicca Moloi says: “This is a heritage site, but not yet a national heritage site. Because of the importance of the Manche Masemola story, even across borders, we have requested that this must become a national heritage site. This is a process that is on-going.”

A family member wants the Masemola house revamped. It now lies abandoned.

Manche is one of the 20th-century martyrs from across the worlds that are depicted in statues above the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey in London.

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